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Want To Rekindle Your Relationship?

Once it’s lost, more than anything, you want it back. I’m referring of course, to your love, passion, intimacy. As well as the connection and the magic, aliveness, sweetness and fun that used to be in your relationship.

 The first step in your Re-Kindling Journey is to more fully discover what  you’ve already been trying-like-crazy to figure out, which is, what caused your relationship to go down hill in the first place.  Where did all the deadness, distance, apathy, tension, boredom  and lack of connection come from? What about the anger, hurt, miss-communication and miss-trust? How did it all sneak in?

 The answer is, “The Daily Grind”. Yes, by that I mean the daily grind of life, it’s never ending responsibilities, demands and challenges and the fatigue and tension that comes with it. It’s coming at you from every angle- work, finances, family, kids, marriage, relationships, community and society. It’s really that simple and yet there’s more to it.

Your relationship as a whole is precious and delicate, and requires lots of care and attention. The intimate and romantic side of it, even more so. Under “Daily Grind” Pressure it’s easy for you as a couple to lose your ability to properly balance the needs and demands of all the different critical areas of your lives.  Unfortunately, romance and intimacy is the first place we withdraw our energy and attention from, as a miss-guided way of maintaining  balance and success in other critical areas. Once this happens the relationship as a whole begins to suffer and things continue down hill unless corrective action is taken.

When something breaks and we can’t figure out how to fix it, we look for help from an expert. Would you try climbing Mount Everest w/o the best possible training and support team? Creating ongoing, long term success in a relationship, is more challenging then almost anything else you will ever try to do and when it’s not working, it can be incredibly frustrating and painful. Which means, getting expert advice and support during difficult times, is absolutely essential.

Understanding all this, what can you do to fix it- especially the intimate, romantic side of your relationship?  As a couple, you can successfully Re-ignite and Re-invigorate your relationship (especially the intimacy, passion and romance), with a very special package of Coaching + Communication Skills + Intimacy Skills. 

 Here’s a taste of just some of the ways we’ll help you rekindle and improve your relationship. You’ll learn how to:

Better balance your lives so there is time for intimacy and communication

Create more clarity, openness and depth in your communication

Significantly improve your ability to get what you want and help your partner get what they want through your mastery of additional communication skills

Bring back the spark and passion as you learn lots of effective ways to create deep intimacy that are really fun, and also very easy and flexible to fit in to your demanding and busy lives.

 Your Customized Coaching & Training Package

 1) Coaching: You’ll receive personalized coaching that is focused and goal oriented. In our first session we’ll clarify what you want to work on, outline our methods and approach and begin the work. We have sufficient knowledge, techniques, experience and success to help you, as a couple, to effectively deal with your issues.

As important as our knowledge and techniques will be to your success, the coaching aspect is equally, if not more important.  You are going to get results, and when it comes to our coaching, here’s why:

 Expect to move forward. We’re going to present you with action steps and we expect you to show up ready for action. We’re here to coach, not coddle.

We’re committed to your discovery and clarification of your own truths. This includes your individual and shared truths concerning your relationship. They are more important then anything else you will learn. We will show you how to be more supportive and respectful of each others truths and truth process in ways that naturally lead to much greater harmony, success and intimacy in your relationship.

Expect to be held accountable for any commitments that you make. When someone is actively charting your progress and honestly concerned about the outcome of your efforts, you are much more likely to achieve your goals.

 (Coaching Testimonial)

For More about our Coaching Programs:

If you have questions or concerns about our ability to help you with a specific issue, please call 800-639-4505 or e-mail .

2) Communication & Intimacy Training: As part of your Coaching Package, you’ll also receive special instruction and training in Communication and Intimacy. The knowledge and skills that you’ll be learning are simple, yet powerful. You’ll find them highly effective in restoring harmony and trust.. We’ll also include great tools for revitalizing and re-enlivening the passion, depth, fun and aliveness in your relationship. These Trainings are one on one, and conveniently available by phone and Skype.

(Responsible Speaking & Effective Listening Testimonial)

(Rituals for Intimacy Testimonial)

For more about:

 ►Communication Training, click Responsible Speaking & Effective Listening.

►Intimacy Training, click Rituals For Intimacy.

For More about our Coaching Programs & to place an order:

If you still have some questions or need any assistance, e-mail or call  800-639-4505. Also, if you prefer your Communication and Intimacy Training live and in person, call or e-mail for more info.

In today’s rapidly changing world, we’ve noticed that it’s especially challenging for men to maintain balance in all the essential and critical areas in their lives. As a result we’ve created a special training for men in this area. For more info click on this link: