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Diane and Lewis Denbaum

Diane & Lewis Denbaum

Relationship Coach, Co-Author, Public Speaker

Diane & Lewis Denbaum are authors, educators, relationship coaches and motivational speakers. After suffering the pain of divorce, they committed to finding out how relationships work. Their efforts paid off. In 2006, they married the love of their lives–each other.


Diane and Lewis are the authors of Madly In Love Forever: A Guide to True and Lasting Love.

Their book recounts their painful divorces from their former spouses, their healing processes and the knowledge they gained to create a loving relationship. The book is packed with heartfelt stories and tips on how to put an end to the loneliness and frustration of “relationship suffering.” Each chapter contains practical action steps that readers can start using immediately.


Lewis has been deeply involved in men’s circles since 1994. He has been involved with the work of Justin Sterling, David Deida and The Mankind Project and is passionate about helping men discover and live their mission, and balance mission and relationship.


Having experienced the angst of dating in high school and later in life, Diane & Lewis are now passionate about helping others find the love of their life through one-on-one coaching, teleseminars and workshops. They are certified as a Singles Relationship Coach by the Relationship Coaching Institute.


Communication is basic to all relationships and yet it is not a required course in most schools. Diane & Lewis teach communication methods/techniques through one-on-one coaching, teleseminars and workshops. In addition, Diane & Lewis have taken the lessons they learned from mistakes they made in their previous marriages and all that they have learned since then, both individually and together, and have effectively packaged that knowledge, making it easier for couples to increase intimacy in their relationship.

Lewis graduated from the University of Iowa Law School with highest honors and the University of Iowa School of Business with a Masters in Accounting. He has worked for law firms, accounting firms, private corporations and has been an entrepreneur.

Diane & Lewis live in Fairfield, Iowa. Their blended family consists of five children, all young adults.

Responsible Speaking, Effective Listening

Just three to six hours of Responsible Speaking and Effective Listening means lots more peace on earth, and for you too, along with the beginning of the end of communication torture! Join Lewis and Diane as they take you on an exciting and adventurous roller coaster ride of deep and profound principles and simple, yet powerfully effective techniques that includes presentations, demonstrations and hands on practice.

You’ll be learning the following communication essentials for success- step by
● Creating Receptivity for a Conversation
● How to Listen Deeply
● How to Listen Reflectively
● The Art of Actively Taking Responsibility for your Communications
● Learning How to Respond rather then React
● Clarifying the difference between your Communication Intention versus your
Communication Impact
● The Ability to get Better Results by Replaying a Conversation

Even the best communicators experience difficulties from time to time, while us normal folk experience torture on a regular basis and below average communicators are often found fervently praying for divine intervention. Though what we teach won’t completely end the torture, it will result in a generous reduction in pain and tension resulting from poor communication.

You’ll also experience much more clarity, openness and depth in your communications, along with a big increase in your ability to get what you want and help others get what they want. The result will be a natural improvement in all the different kinds of relationships in your life.

And this kind of learning is fun. There is fun in how it’s presented and even more fun in seeing how it makes a difference in your life.

Potential Audience: Mixed, Singles, Couples, Men Only, Women Only, Business

For more info and to find out our latest schedule or arrange a workshop in your area: call 800-639-4505 or e-mail