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Playfulness in Relationships

by Diane and Lewis on November 13, 2010

Playfulness was the theme of the couples meeting we held around our fire pit this week. Why? Couples tell us that life is intense these days-leaving little time for playfulness.

It was a gorgeous November evening in Iowa so Lewis was able to build an incredible fire in our backyard fire pit. After the couples gathered round the fire,  we put on I Feel Good by James Brown.  Everyone started dancing around the fire.  Next we demostrated a 10-second kiss and a 7-breathe hug and a 30-second compliment.   Like teenagers, when we said “GO” the couples got to run into our woods or bushes and kiss and hug and appreciate until we called them back to the fire. Laughter and lightness was in the air.

We ended the evening with a slow dance around the fire to a  Norah Jones tune.  All the couples checked out feeling more connected.  We felt fulfilled.

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