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Love In Action

by Diane Denbaum on August 16, 2010

“Action expresses priorities.”  Ghandi

“Are you ready to make nurturing your relationship a priority?”    Madly In Love Forever-Chapter 14

One way to nurture the relationship is to develop shared interests. In Chapter 14, “Take Time To Nurture Your Relationship,” we suggest that if you don’t have a shared interest, then create one or stretch yourself and look into something your partner loves doing and join them.

So where did I find myself last Saturday morning?  In the Open Space Studio Spin Class. Why? Lewis had been talking about his spin class for months and I wanted to do something with Lewis that he loves doing. It was a stretch because other than Susie Hathaway’s Strength Training classes, I never developed the “go to class for exercise” habit. I prefer to walk in my nearby woods or exercise on my treadmill with my Ipod in tow.

Spin class was exhilarating as it encouraged me to go beyond my exercising edge.  I got a great workout and saw the different cycling positions that Lewis had told me about.  We went out to breakfast afterwards and our lively conversation sent wonderful vibes into our relationship. I liked what I was feeling inside of myself-the stirrings of feeling madly in love forever!

“To believe in something and not live it, is dishonest!”  Ghandi

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