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Transforming Your Relationship Can Be Fun

by Diane and Lewis on June 9, 2010

Transformer toys were two figures in one. We remember our kids being fascinated with them as they patiently moved parts, piece by piece, eventually to see a more powerful figure appear. Each time it appeared, they’d sigh transformerwith delight, “Ahhh!” Then they’d run around with joy, in love with their new, transformed action toy.

It’s the same when we patiently begin to change parts of ourselves, piece by piece. As we see our new, more powerful self emerging, we can’t help but sigh a delighted “Ahhh!” And then we want to share the joy of our new and powerful, transformed self with others. Can you see the new you in a relationship?

The great news is that, just like the Transformers, we already have all the pieces we need. We just have to adjust them a bit. As we do that, bit by bit, we create a powerful transformation in our lives.

Although you may feel that you and your relationship are weak, you and your relationship can be transformed. How? By taking the “t” from the word transformation and putting it in front of the word weak. What do you get? The word “tweak.” With a few tweaks, twists and changes to what you already possess, you will emerge as a more powerful being, ready and able to transform your relationship.

Happy Couple With Better Marriage

That is the essence of our book Madly in Love Forever—simple tweaks and changes that you can make to transform yourself into a more powerful, awake individual. You will go from dreading “working on the relationship” to actually enjoying the process. No kidding!

That’s possible because we provide all the tools you’ll need to make the changes you want to see. You will find the right tool for the job at hand, and we all know what a difference that makes. When you find the right size wrench or the right type of screwdriver for a task—all of a sudden it’s easy.

Of course, your ability to find and use the right tool at the right time will depend on your ability to be receptive, open, and willing to try—not throwing the wrong tool across the room and declaring “nothing works.” You have to give it a chance to work.

And over time it gets better…these simple tools turn into power tools the more you use them!

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