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Whose Project Is It?

by Diane and Lewis on February 16, 2010

Hello from Diane and Lewis. In the name of love, we offer you one way to deal with that acid-eating tension that couples can create between each other around accomplishing a task.

Some couples argue about who is going to do a specific task, such as washing the dishes, taking out the garbage or organizing the recycling bins.  After one partner agrees to do a task, some couples continue to argue about how the task should be done. Wow! Two arguments for the price of one!

Main Point: Here is how we avoid the second type of argument.  Once one of us agrees to do a certain task, the other one must agree to let that person do it his or her own way.  Whoever is doing the task owns that project.  If one of us tries to direct the owner during his/her task, the owner simpler asks the other “Whose project is this?”  That tends to be enough for the person who isn’t responsible for the task to realize he or she is interfering.

Tip: If you are particularly attached to how a task should get done, volunteer to do it!

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