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Differences by Diane and Lewis on February 25, 2010

We just had a heartwarming gathering in our home this past weekend to celebrate a special birthday. It’s certainly a delightful feeling to be surrounded by loved ones as each family member brings his or her own special uniqueness to the table.

If your family is like ours then you know what we mean by uniqueness! In spite of the uniqueness we noticed something wonderful happening. The concept of appreciating the differences in each other was much more present during our family gathering.

In our eBook Madly In Love Forever, we call one of our chapters “Appreciating the Differences”. We share with couples the hard earned lessons we learned around NOT accepting the differences when in a relationship or marriage. We learned that if you are NOT appreciating the differences then you are judging that person. And no one has a good time or feels love when judgement is in the air! Remember whether you are alone with your partner or in the midst of a family gathering, you will be faced with the choice of loving what is or judging what is.

We are committed to choice one. How about you?

The action steps at the end of our chapter “Appreciating the Differences”  offer you ways to make being more appreciative and grateful present in your life.

“There is more hunger in the world for appreciation than there is for bread”. Mother Teresa

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